Drawing Texas

My 20 days in North Carolina and Texas this October proved to be a fully inspired drawing experience! Check these out:

Breakfast with Darshan and Stefanie
amazing brisket for lunch at La BBQ
Hannibal Lacombe..amazing trumpet player and composer from Smithville, playing in Bastrop.
Hannibal Lacombe
Hannibal Lacombe
Eric at the Factory
The Odd Couple, a play going on in Smithville at their local theatre.
First Smithville Lunch with Jill,  Clover, Judy, Jim and Antonio
Smithville Celebration with the Bucksnort Boogie Boys
Rosie Flores at C-Boys
Rosie Flores at C-Boys
Chicken Fried Steak at Murphys with Clover, Jim and Judy
Margaret, Suzie, Shreenie and Aaron at the Tana Bana Booth
Campfire at Stefanie Distefano’s Art NIght
New friends at C-boys
Numbers chat with Bryan and Art
Band who I can’t remember at C-Boys
Lunch with Aaron Sizemore at El Rancho in Winston