Fabric Designs

I recently teamed up with two mega-talented designers and a forward thinking Chinese mill to create a collection of fabrics being launched in Shanghai in less than a week! What an experience! Mike Farrell and Aaron Sizemore showed me a whole new world…and in some regards we created a whole new world with our company called Factoryfactory logo
drizzle blossom copy

Some design highlights in this collection for me….here’s a design I did with a soap bottle, some acrylic paint and a blind contour drawing of Warhol’s flowers.

penguins copy

Here’s one pulled from a penguin painting I did called Rookery.

bowtie copy

This one was loosely based on my love of bowties and a brise de soliel I saw.

dogwoods copy

Here’s one called dogwoods, a beautiful flower drawing with some heavy lines

pattern copy

My line drawings really came in handy during this venture, turning some traditional fabric looks into something new and fresh in the market.

locksmith pattern

Like this variation on a greek key called Locksmith

My contour lines make really great fabrics! Look at this truck pattern

truckin pattern

called Truck’in.

And this project is far from over. We’ll be showing in Frankfurt in January. Stay tuned for more creative stuff from this exciting and new company.