Home Seeker’s March video

A video for my song ‘Home Seeker’s March’ from my newest album called Vanished Days. Filmed and edited by Leif Norman. A special thank you to the Larimore Museum and the Museum of Art of North Dakota for helping make this happen. And a big thanks to the band that I recorded this one with: Joanna Miller on drums, Gilles Fournier on bass, Benoit Morier on guitar, Marc Arnould on piano, and Andrina Turenne and JD Ormond for some of the backup hoorahs.
Home Seeker’s March is a song about a renter in the eastern part of the US who’s been renting land and decides to move to the Dakota’s to buy land that he can leave to his kids.
I found the words to this in an old book while doing an art residency at the McCanna House. I believe it was based on an older song called ‘Marching through Georgia’ written in 1865. The writer of this version was from North Dakota, his name was C.R. Pitter and I believe he wrote it in the 30’s.