McCanna Residency

mccanna portrait1I recently returned from an art residency at the McCanna House in North Dakota. Margery McCanna donated the house to the Museum of Art of North Dakota, who turned the acreage into a retreat for artists. It’s a hundred year old farmhouse designed by one of North Dakota’s more famous architect’s Joseph Bell DeRemer.

What started as an art residency for me quickly formed into the material for my latest musical offering. Rooting through old books and museums and little farm towns I found an exciting narrative about a different time and created what I think is my best musical project to date.

On this last visit I took Leif Norman, photographer & videographer extraordinaire, Curtis Weibe, filmmaker & puppetmaster supreme, and Drü Culleton, collagist and creature collector. At the residency we created a series of 4 videos for the album! (the stills from one of the videos seen here)


mccanna house1 mccanna video2 mccanna video1

The Museum has agreed to put on a big art and music show next summer where I’ll release the album in vinyl with a sweet art book to go with. Kickstarter campaign to follow so stay tuned, super excited!!