Sketchvlog 01

I sketch all the time. Sketchbooks are one of my most important tools as a creative person. I use sketchbooks to draw and journal ideas; I use it as a notebook; I use it as a memory recorder.

Week to week I’m going to pull a sketchbook off my bookshelf and share the ideas within with you to inspire you. Enjoy! #sketchvlog

This first sketchvlog features drawings of some talented musicians and artists, here are some links to their work and websites in case you’d like to explore what they do. Life the music playing in the background? That’s a song by Scott Nolan called Postcards.eddy-blake-bass keri-latimer-at-the-wecc stephen-jackson danny-michel-at-wecc


The West End Cultural Centre

Keri Latimer

Danny Michel

Stephen Jackson

Scott Nolan

Eddy Blake Eatonscott-nolan-the-folk-exchange