Snowplaces in Riding Mountain National Park

I had the chance to be part of the Winter Adventure Weekend in Riding Mountain National Park this year. I was asked to design something around the idea of ‘home’ and I decided to create ‘Snowplaces’ or winter living rooms for the Park. Special thanks to Mandy Wallman for organizing this project.

I installed three outdoor living rooms, completely accessorized with snowfas, log lamps, black velvet paintings, ottomans and pillows! Too fun, I had a blast. I stayed in one of their OTentiks, basically a winterized yurt of sorts. I did some cross-country skiing and had a chance to skate and sled. I love that the park is looking at making it a four season experience. and my kids loved it too!

On top of all that the Brandon Sun and Q Country 91.5fm did some interviews on the project. Nice!